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Searching Priceline Hotel Bids

Simply put, the ability to search a database for historical Priceline hotel bids, rather than troll through hundreds of forum posts to get a range of accepted and reject bids, is absolutely invaluable and what put BidLessTravel on the proverbial map! Let's take a look at the power of the 'Search Priceline Bids' page:

Searching Priceline Hotel Bids


Cheap Hotels in Top CitiesTop Cities Search

Clicking this link will take you to and display an interactive map with examples of some of the low bids that were accepted for hotels in top U.S. cities; using this link also helps support BidLessTravel and ensure that our community sustainable in the future, so please consider linking through us to Priceline after you have done your research and devised a winning Priceline bid strategy!

Search Winning Priceline BidsPriceline Bid Search

The Priceline bid search box allows you to filter the entire database and display only the Priceline bids for the destination in which you are most interested, rather than scrolling through pages of bids to find what you are looking for. You can filter the table by accepted and rejected bids, so you see only the bids that were accepted (or rejected). You can also filter the table by state; if you set the filter parameters to 'Bid Status' = 'Accepted' and 'State' = 'California,' for example, the table will show only accepted bids for California. Clicking the 'clear' link will reset the filter settings and once again display all the Priceline bids in the database. We can add all sorts of filters to the table (e.g., city search fields, price ranges, check-in dates, zone, etc), so let us know if you would like more filters added to the search box!

Advanced SearchAdvanced Search

Clicking on the 'Advanced Search' link will produce a fly-out search engine that allows for more complicated queries of the database.

Advanced Priceline Bid Search

You can change the 'field' to be any of the Priceline hotel bid variables that we have stored in the database. So, for example, if you wanted to show all the bids for a particular hotel, you simply select 'Hotel Name' from the 'Field' dropdown. If you wanted to search for all hotels in a particular zone, you simply select 'Zone' and enter a value in the value box.

The 'Condition' dropdown offers a lot of different ways in which you can search/filter these data. You can set the condition to 'EQUALS' and type in a value that you want the 'Field' to equal. So if you wanted to pull up all Priceline hotel bids in Las Vegas, for example, you would set 'Field' = 'City' and 'Condition' = 'EQUALS' and type in 'Las Vegas' for the value and click apply. It's that easy!

Here is a list of all the conditions you can set for your search:

  • Equals
  • Not Equals
  • Begins With
  • Contains
  • Ends With
  • Greater Than
  • Less Than

 *Note: You must have 'active' checked to run the query. Why didn't we check it by default or have it always on? Because you can apply multiple queries to the database, then deactivate one or two conditions until you find exactly what you are looking for. To add another query statement, simply click the 'add' link and a second search line will apear.

Here's an example of a search looking for all Priceline hotel bids in New York City that were accepted; the settings ae are follows:

Priceline Bid Search Parameters

You'll notice that we set the 'city' to equal 'New York' and the 'bid status' to not equal 'rejected.' Both queries are 'active,' so when we click apply, a nice table of all accepted Priceline hotel bids in New York City will magic! try that with Priceline bid forums! Also, we could have set the 'bid status' to simply equal 'accepted,' but wanted to show you how to use other conditions. So, for example, if you wanted to show all bids in New York state EXCEPT those in New York city, you could simply set the search WHERE 'State' EQUALS 'New York' AND 'City' NOT EQUALS to 'New York.' You can also change the 'AND' to 'OR' and search for bids WHERE 'City' EQUALS 'Aneheim' OR 'City' EQUALS 'San Francisco' and it will show you only those Priceline bids for Aneheim hotels and San Francisco! There combinations are endless...more or less. ;)

Detail View of Priceline BidAdditional Bid Details

We didn't want to clutter the table of Priceline bids with a bunch of information that you are not interested in, so we've decided to publish these additional details in a page that looks like the form itself and contains all the information we have on the respective hotel. By clicking on the 'Details' link, you'll see a form populated with all the additional information not shown elsewhere in the the number of nights they booked, the check-in date, etc. If there are more details you would like us to collect, please let us know and we'll do our best to get you the information you need to make more informed Priceline bids!