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Written by BidLessTravel |  Friday, 20 November 2009

Priceline Tip: 'Best Price Guarantee' Featured

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We've all seen those Orbitz Low Fare Guarantee! commercials where a guy flies in on a hovercraft and informs a group of golfers that the price of the hotel they booked on Orbitz went down, so they are all getting checks for the difference. Well, all were issued checks except for the poor schmuck who didn't book on Orbitz.

He must not have placed a Priceline bid for the hotel, either, or William Shatner would have jumped out the back of a van and cut him a check, too.

Priceline also has a "Best Price Guarantee" policy, but few know about it!

According to the Priceline rules...

Let's say you book a:

  • Name Your Own Price® flight, hotel room or rental car
  • Priceline Special Rate hotel room
  • Priceline vacation package
  • Cruise

If, after booking any of these travel products, you find a better published price online for the exact same product and itinerary within 24 hours, give us a call and we'll refund you 100% of the difference if you qualify. And I'm not done - I'll also throw in a coupon for $50 off your next booking of a 2-nights or longer Priceline Vacation Package (see coupon details). Special discounts and memberships excluded.

If you do find a lower price for any of the aforementioned Priceline products, simply call 1-800-PRICELINE (U.S. or Canada): 1-212-444-0022 (from anywhere else), or 1-800-735-8000 for cruises and tell them where you saw that lower price.

While I doubt this would be applicable to anyone reading this post who frequents BidLessTravel before placing Priceline hotel bids, perhaps you'll be out on the links one day after booking a Priceline cruise and will suddenly see Captain Kirk piloting the Starship Enterprise with check in hand!

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